Recently we joined TeachersPayTeachers, you should too

(Disclosure: that is an affiliate link, it will help us out if you join). I can’t get enough of the site, I tell every single teacher about it that I meet. It is a marketplace where teachers can sell their lesson plans with other teachers. Teachers strapped for plans can buy lesson plans for their class for mere dollars, and teachers with great lesson plans can license them on the site to other teachers to sell.

While I have only uploaded a few so far, one I do think boys would like is the Kinetic Motion toy blueprints brad hines teachboys lesson plansI have up. I intend to add more. But as I said, I recommend the site to any and all teachers for its ability to make passive income on the side for teachers. Kindergarten teacher Deanna Jump has already made around two million dollars from the site, its sales leader currently.

My tips for having a TPT store should you get one are:


  • Get to know the site
  • Invest in good graphics for your plans
  • Use the site resources, especially made by fellow teachers
  • Be consistent in making plans
  • Play with pricing. Know that bundles sell better than single page lesson plans
  • Use your monthly sales and message-all-follower capabilities
  • Focus on a niche
  • Use social media to help promote your plans and your store, especially use Pinterest for this. Join other TPT boards in that regard.
  • Make your first lesson plan, the free one, really really good, as it is your “hook” and your stroe profile’s first impression on fellow teachers.
  • Get at least 10 lesson plans out there before you decide how you feel about the site, and also before you consider getting the premium account. I have not got that account yet, but I hear it is worth it and likely will.

Do check TeachBoys’ store and give us a follow please: Brad Hines on TPT. If you use the site, or have thoughts, do share in the comments below your tips or questions:

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