Holiday snowmen for teacher or for student

With the holidays around the corner, here is a neat little DIY craft snowman.

holiday snowmen

1.) Start by collecting toilet paper rolls. This doubles as teaching kids about upcylcing. If you felt they needed to be sanitized, they could be baked in the oven at 250º



2.) Using a hot glue gun, or double sided tape, wrap white printer paper around the tube, that is exactly the width of it. Start by taping the first side to the tube, then working your way around. When the paper is all the way around, tape off.


3.) Next, fashion the scarf. This can be made from either craft ribbon, felt, or construction paper. Start by wrapping a piece with glue or double sided tape all the way around. Cut the excess like it is a scarf dangling.


4.) with scissors, cut the detail into the scarf to make the frayed ends to make it look more real.


5.) Make the hat with 1″ by 8.5 ” strip of paper, or felt, or yarn. Wrap around the head the same way you wraped the paper around the tube in step 2.



6.) Draw a face, and maybe some buttons on, any way that you like!


7.) If you want to go all out, simply use the existing materials to make a little pair of ear muffs, glue as shown.

8.) Rig up any kind of string or hook on the inside. Boom–instant ornaments.

snowmen diy toilet paper




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