One of the perhaps ironic things about creating a lesson plan that cultivates curiosity for kids, is that you do have to provide some structure. Giving kids a specific framework from which to create their own concepts within makes it easier than giving carte blanche saying “write something unique… make something up etc.” For example, in my grades 3-6 lesson […]

One of the things that young boys in the classroom especially like is when a lesson seems to have a bigger picture to it, an application, or for younger students, the thought that it is a game with a goal. Whenever possible in the classroom, play on most young boy’s love of games and competition. A specific lesson plan stripped […]

We recently spoke with Ann Dolin, founder and president of Educational Connections Tutoring, and she shared some thoughts on appealing to boys natural aggression over girls in the classroom. by Ann K Dolin: Research has also shown that boys absorb the most information when working with a teacher or parent who has a louder voice, and acts similarly to a […]

Recently we joined TeachersPayTeachers, you should too (Disclosure: that is an affiliate link, it will help us out if you join). I can’t get enough of the site, I tell every single teacher about it that I meet. It is a marketplace where teachers can sell their lesson plans with other teachers. Teachers strapped for plans can buy lesson plans […]