Pam Withers is the best-selling, award-nominated author of more than a dozen adventure novels particularly popular with teen boys. They include Peak Survival, Skater Stuntboys and Vertical Limits. She lives in Vancouver. During her 30-year career as a high school teacher, Cynthia Gill worked on innovative curricula development and served as an academic dean while winning acclaim for her work […]

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Using technology to teach boys

Do boys benefit from using technology to learn over girls? One argument for this would be their desire over girls to be competitive, and having learning happen in a “gamification”. By Brad Hines 8-20-13   Here are some great tips for using technology in the classroom: -Encourage children, especially boys, to use MOOCS–massive open online courses– like for instance, […]

Methods for teaching Boys

Some Teaching advice for Elementary Boys: • Use beadwork and other manipulatives to promote fine motor development, and pencil grips if they have trouble writing. Boys are behind girls in this area when they start school. • Place books on shelves all around the room so boys get used to their omnipresence. • Make lessons experiential and kinesthetic. • Keep verbal instructions to no more […]