One of the perhaps ironic things about creating a lesson plan that cultivates curiosity for kids, is that you do have to provide some structure. Giving kids a specific framework from which to create their own concepts within makes it easier than giving carte blanche saying “write something unique… make something up etc.” For example, in my grades 3-6 lesson […]

One of the things that young boys in the classroom especially like is when a lesson seems to have a bigger picture to it, an application, or for younger students, the thought that it is a game with a goal. Whenever possible in the classroom, play on most young boy’s love of games and competition. A specific lesson plan stripped […]

We recently spoke with Ann Dolin, founder and president of Educational Connections Tutoring, and she shared some thoughts on appealing to boys natural aggression over girls in the classroom. by Ann K Dolin: Research has also shown that boys absorb the most information when working with a teacher or parent who has a louder voice, and acts similarly to a […]

  Some tips from two women in the know on teaching boys Executive Editors Jennifer Kuhn and Whitney Tang of Nanny Magazine weigh in on caregiving tactics to keep boys in line. Boys are more aggressive than girls and are more likely to challenge their typically female authority figures (nannies, mothers, teachers). Broadly speaking, what is the best approach to deal with […]

Best Books For Teaching Boys

  Importance of good early reading skills for boys: Reading is the conrnerstone of learning as it is the most common form of instruction, and stepping stone to math, science, social studies etc. Being good at reading is often what sets the tone for a child–particularly a boy’s –interest in ongoing learning. Boys linguistic skills are naturally cognitively about a […]

Recently we joined TeachersPayTeachers, you should too (Disclosure: that is an affiliate link, it will help us out if you join). I can’t get enough of the site, I tell every single teacher about it that I meet. It is a marketplace where teachers can sell their lesson plans with other teachers. Teachers strapped for plans can buy lesson plans […]

Holiday snowmen for teacher or for student

With the holidays around the corner, here is a neat little DIY craft snowman. 1.) Start by collecting toilet paper rolls. This doubles as teaching kids about upcylcing. If you felt they needed to be sanitized, they could be baked in the oven at 250º   2.) Using a hot glue gun, or double sided tape, wrap white printer paper […]

Danica McKellar On Teaching Math To Children

An interview with mathematician and New York Times best selling math book author Danica McKellar : When did you first get interested in wanting to teach children math ultimately going on to author three best selling books on the topic so far? Math made a huge difference in my life – getting good at a challenging subject like math gave […]

Teaching boys by giving them a lemonade stand

How to help your kids throw a lemonade stand, and teaching them at the same time. by Brad Hines, 9-7-13   At some point if your child asks to have a lemonade stand so that they can make money, don’t miss a learning-packed opportunity for your them. A lemonade stand is a junior version of a complete business and brings together […]

  Some questionable items with the school supplies by Daniel Vahab 8-29-13 Last Sunday I went to my local Walgreens to pick up some odds and ends. As I was waiting in line to check out, I casually glanced at the school supply drive box. For the most part, it was your usual fare — notebooks, glue sticks, and crayons. […]